Why hire a copywriter, I hear you ask. I could give you a glorious, flowery explanation highlighting my creative prowess, how it’s my life’s true calling, I could even throw in some passionate gesturing etc. But the fact is, I am trained to write well. I have worked with some of the best names in the industry and some of the biggest brands out there. Writing is simple enough, but writing well is not easy. So, what does working with me involve? So glad you asked...


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Real talk; I need to understand where you’re coming from. I can knock you up an article or some gleaming website copy, sure I can. But if I (and you) don’t at least understand your business, your ethos, your customers, what they need and why they should get it from you, we won’t get very far. I believe great writing comes with good planning. So, let’s take a look at what your copy/comms needs *really* are.


I go away and come up with a killer plan, I write some lovely copy, I put the red pen to your existing copy, I cull the character count - whatever the approach, essentially, I make the words sound glorious. From the first fever dream of an idea to (meticulously) proofreading the final result, I can take the whole process off your hands. Got some SEO keywords? I can work with those too. Haven’t branched into online yet? Crazy. BUT, I do print copy too.
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Working with me will put you in some great company, so email me on sofiacfarelli@gmail.com and let’s talk.
Honestly, I love a chat.