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But you said I should go to the office - what gives, Farelli?

Hear me out because, frankly, I’m as irked as you are that this isn’t as straightforward as I once thought.

When I first went freelance, the thought of going for a root canal was more appealing than going into an office again. But as I mentioned in my blog post about the merits of the office, it’s actually pretty great if the conditions work for you and your productivity.

But then I just felt really irked when I read this piece about an office imploring workers to be in the office on a Monday. It’s not a huge ask, absolutely not. However, I can’t help but feel a sense of projection from this CEO. He maintains that office workers bring a ‘new year’ energy to the week if they’re in the office on a Monday. It enables them to start the week on a positive note, connect with colleagues etc.

Or is that how he feels about being in the office on a Monday?

Or is that how he feels about being in the office on a Monday?

Personally, I like starting my Monday with a trip to the gym (smug much?) and a late breakfast. Now, yes, I’m a freelancer but even as an employee, if that enabled me to get my work done, and in a timely manner then what difference would it make as to where I am and from what time?

Despite consistent evidence that being flexible in your approach is favourable for a happier culture, there will always be those who maintain that one way will fit all.

And I don’t buy it.

Being able to drop the kids off, wait in for a delivery or even just being able to take your lunch break and make something delicious can all contribute to a healthier, happier and more relaxed workforce. If the work is getting done then it really shouldn’t rely on physical presence.

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