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I’m Sofia, a freelance writer based in the sunny Midlands.

A product of too much caffeine, I’m a passionate writer, avid reader and enthusiastic internet browser. I thrive on developing novel and creative ways to bring brands, thoughts and ideas to life through the written word. The next time you’re lost for words, give me a try.




Well-crafted words for blogs, emails, product specs, social media, internal comms, content planning - whatever you need, bab.
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Well-crafted words about words: the ones I love, the ones I avoid, the ones fuelled by coffee and too much internet scrolling.
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Well-crafted words about the things I spend too much time thinking about, that I put together in one handy email newsletter.


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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Even if you don’t buy into the spirituality of it all, there’s no denying that there’s some welcome words of encouragement and practical guidance in this book on how to live a life of creativity.

Big Magic is a lighthearted wander through Gilbert’s own process of living creatively, but there’s talk of mindfulness, passion, happiness and empathy that’s so often missing from discussion about creativity. 


“Sofia is that rarest of combinations in the creative industries – a writer with a remarkable imagination and an equally remarkable understanding of the communication strategy and objectives behind the brief.”

Andrew Boulton, Former Language Lead, True Story
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